best time to meditateIf you are like most people, by now you would be confused in regard to what would be the best way to meditate. You may be looking for the net frantically to get the best meditation strategy or the best meditative practices. When you have not discovered the best way to meditate yet, continue reading as I will show one of the best and cheapest ways to meditate effectively. In reality stage one of the programs is freely supplied a way. It is possible to create the best effect of the least amount of time without spending a red cent out of your pocket.

Meditation has proven to have numerous advantages to our body and mind. Overall it enhances our health by improving blood flow, purifying the blood from toxins, enhances the heart function and lowers blood pressure. It is a panacea for stress and anxiety. It eliminates stress and anxiety and helps our minds to rejuvenate and relaxed after a heavy workload. This is now scientifically proven and recorded. There are several ways and techniques to perform meditation effectively. Most common is to fix a time each day, find a quiet place, sit and focus on your breath. When your mind wander do not be mad bring it back to your breath. Another technique is to chant a mantra such as ohm and focus on this mantra. This is done in order to stop your mind from drifting.

However, anybody who had tried the above practices or comparable techniques no how hard it is. It is easy said than done. This way you haveĀ good time to meditate for 1-2 hours at the beginning. But because we all are living in society there are a lot more distractions than a one living in a hermitage. These methods are more acceptable for hermits living far away and that had given up social life and does not have any distractions for that matter. In my experience the best meditation technique for laymen like us would be to obey a brainwave entrainment program. This is the shortest cut for individuals living in society like me and you and who would like to receive all the benefits that meditation offers.

Actually what meditation does is, it reduces your brain wave frequency to alpha or theta and a number of times to delta. These are the brainwave frequencies which create optimum health and other benefits such as living with optimal energy, becoming more relaxed physically and mentally, optimal learning capability, stress relief and so forth. This is what brainwave entrainment does. When you hear a brain wave entrainment program it attracts your brainwave frequency to alpha and below. Your brainwave frequencies automatically match the frequency that has been triggered from the brainwave entrainment program. So you get all the benefits that meditation has to offer with no hard work on your part.


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